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Welcome to the TED Student Page. This Web page is designed to provide up-to-date information to current TED students.

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Resources for Students



Renew each of these clearances every year. Each one costs about $10 to process.

The Federal Criminal History Record is the latest required clearance. Get this clearance once during your school experience.


State-required Exams

Update on Certification Tests for Existing Students

Pennsylvania Department of Education has revised its system of state-required tests for candidates who are seeking teacher certification. The following points represent an overview of the changes as they affect the TED undergraduate department:
  • The PECT Pre-service Academic Performance Assessment (PAPA) has replaced the Praxis I tests (the PPST's) as of April, 2012. This test, consisting of 3 modules, assesses reading, mathematics, and writing skills. All undergraduate candidates for initial certification who start the MU TED program as of the fall, 2012 semester will be required to pass the PAPA. If you are an existing student who has already taken the PPST/Praxis I tests, you will not be required to take PAPA, but should continue taking the PPST's until you complete them.
  • In some TED majors, the Praxis II certification tests are still in use. In other majors, new tests are in effect. The new tests are part of PECT (Pennsylvania Educator Certification Tests). Some of the tests are offered by Pearson, and others are still offered by ETS. Below are details on the state-required tests by major along with links to more information. For additional information, please check with your TED advisor.

Certification Tests by Major

Early Childhood/Special Education Pre-K to 4 majors:
  1. PAPA: Reading, Writing, Mathematics
  2. PECT Pre-K to 4 certification tests (3 modules)
  3. PECT Special Education Pre-K to 8 certification tests (2 modules)

Middle Level Education majors:

  1. PAPA: Reading, Writing, Mathematics
  2. 5152: Grades 4-8 Core Assessment Tests (3 Modules, computer-based)
    If you need to retake a module, sign up for it separately:
    • 5153: Pedagogy Subtest
    • 5154: English Langage Arts and Social Studies Subtest
    • 5155: Mathematics and Science Subtest
  3. Select appropriate grades 4-8 subject area concentration tests per major:

Secondary Education majors:

  1. PAPA: Reading, Writing, Mathematics
  2. Select appropriate content area Praxis II test per major:


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