Endowed Scholarships

Individuals and businesses close to Misericordia University sponsor scholarships which are available to qualified students each year.

Eligibility criteria and award information are available in the student financial aid services office.

Academic Endowment

Louis and Barbara T. Alesi Scholarship

Misericordia University Alumni Board Scholarship

Geraldine Ruth Daley Anderson Scholarship

Robert S. Anderson M.D., Pre-Medical Scholarship

Robert S. Anderson M.D., Science Scholarship

Dr. Thomas E. Baker Scholarship

Sarah Sterner Barr '48 Scholarship

Francis H. Wilcheck Beisel Scholarship

Irene E. Belarski ’50 Scholarship

Monsignor John Bendik Scholarship

Benedetti Family Scholarship

Bevevino Family Scholarship

The Adam T. and Mary H. Bialek Endowed Scholarship

Ruth Matthews Bourger-Charlotte Newcombe Scholarship

Bourke Family Scholarship

Brassington Family Scholarship

Carol Flanagan Zoeller Brown Scholarship

Marita Delaney Burke ’35 Scholarship

Victoria Cadwalader Nursing Scholarship

Bridget Carney Scholarship

Dorothy Williams Castellano Scholarship

Ann Rhoda Chopick Scholarship

Class of 1961 Scholarship

Class of 1968 Scholarship

The Anthony and Elizabeth Colonna and Family Scholarship and Sunshine Market Incorporated Scholarship

James J. Connery Scholarship

Dr. Joseph and Mrs. Marion Cooper Endowed Scholarship

Coughlin Family Scholarship

Rose Marie Miano Coughlin ’60 Scholarship

The Crahall Foundation Scholarship

Cronin Family Scholarship

Joseph Robert and Ann Marie Conforti Doggett Scholarship

Mary Jane Donnelly Family Scholarship for Teacher Preparation

John L. Dorris, M.D. FACS Scholarship

Sharon Drasnin Scholarship

Dorothy Kender Ehinger '51 Scholarship

Edith Elliot Scholarship

Farnan Family Scholarship

Wilma Paculavich Fenedick Scholarship for Women with Children

Jean Chorazy Fink Scholarship

Charles D. Flack, Sr. Scholarship

Jeanne M. Flederbach '60 Scholarship

Catherine and Daniel J. Flood Endowment for Humanities Scholarship

Helen Barbara Fogel Scholarship

Mary Anne Bradley Foerster '59 Scholarship

Fortinsky Scholarship

Sidney and Pauline Friedman Scholarship

Mary Elizabeth “Mollie” Gallagher Scholarship

Sr. Wilfred Gallagher, RSM Memorial Scholarship

Darlene Bender Garland ’91 Memorial OT Scholarship

Maria Grilli Gatta ’68 Memorial Scholarship

Misericordia University General Endowment

Anna and Frank Gerold Scholarship

Frederick and Sarah Joyce Gerrity Endowed Scholarship

Elizabeth B. Glosser '61 Scholarship

Catherine “Kitty” Rooney Gould ’50 Memorial Award

Henry and Sylvia Greenwald Scholarship

Gronauer Family Scholarship

William Randolph Hearst Scholarship

MR Heart of Hearts Women with Children Scholarship

Kathleen P. Heidelberger, MD '61 Merit Tuition Scholarship

The Helwig Family Scholarship

Jean Maloney Hemple '51 Scholarship

The Henry Family Scholarship

Joan Gout Host Memorial Scholarship

Heather Huntzinger Memorial Scholarship

InterMetro Scholarship

Walter and Catherine Janasie Scholarship

Judith Ferry Joyce '57 Scholarship

Dolores Kosko Kaczinski Memorial Scholarship

Mrs. John F. Kenny Scholarship

Marie Wittman Kilgallon ’41 Scholarship

Genevieve Mullin Kimbro Scholarship

The Mary McDermott Klatt ’54 Memorial Scholarship

The Joan Krause ’58 Student Emergency Fund

Helene C. Kretchik ’43 Scholarship

Alexander J. Lacy Scholarship

The Josephine Olash Lecnar ’39 Scholarship

Stanley T. Lysiak Scholarship

The Michael A. and Tina MacDowell Scholarship

Dr. Louis Maganzin Scholarship

Joan W. Martin Women with Children Scholarship

Maslow Family Foundation Scholarship for Women with Children

Mary Jule McCarthy '52 Scholarship for the Women with Children Program

John A. McCole Scholarship

Bishop J. Carroll McCormick Scholarship

Claire Rinkin McDonnell ’49 Scholarship

The Karen McDonough Scholarship

Mary Ellen McGeehan ’46 Scholarship

McGowan Family Scholarship

Elizabeth G. and John C. McNamara ’41 Scholarship

Mission Foods Scholarship

Marian F. Jones Mitchell ’44 Scholarship

Marguerite K. Moran and Margaret C. Morrissey Scholarship

Sister Theresa Mary Moyles, RSM Scholarship

Patricia Mulgrew '48 Scholarship

Jean Olash Murphy ’50 Scholarship

Robert Khalil Nasser Memorial Scholarship

Charlotte Newcombe Scholarship

Dean and Mary Elizabeth Noll ’47 Scholarship

Helen McAndrew O‘Connor Scholarship

Sr. Miriam Theresa O‘Donnell, RSM and Family Scholarship

The Margaret C. Paye ’49 Scholarship

David Payne, Sr. Memorial Scholarship

Pearsall Family Scholarship

Patricia Ann Lynott Perez Scholarship

The Perrella Family Scholarship

Reverend John C. Petrasko Scholarship

Freda Thalenfeld Popky '28 Scholarship

John and Sharon Randolph Scholarship

Bertie Fowler Rasmussen Scholarship

Mary Isabel Gallagher Reiff '50 and Nancy Joan Gallagher '52 Scholarship

Nelson F. Rodda and Rose M. Rodda Scholarship

Frank Scott Rosenn Scholarship

The Harold Rosenn Scholarship

The Harold and Sallyanne Rosenn Scholarship

Sallyanne Rosenn ’44 Scholarship

Rosenn Family Scholarship

Rosenn Scholarship Honoring Father William B. Hill and Sister M. William Joseph Lydon

Scranton-Times Tribune Communications Scholarship

Rosemary A. Sigmond Scholarship

Theresa Husic Silliman ’54 Alumni Scholarship

Sisters of Mercy of Dallas Scholarship

Sisters of Mercy Women with Children Scholarship

Karen Smulowitz Scholarship

The Soyka Women Scholarship

Grace Jones Spain Scholarship

Margaret Husic Spengler ’36 Scholarship

James M. Stack Family Scholarship

Nettie D. Stefanko Scholarship

Student Government Scholarship

Dr. Joseph Tomasovic Scholarship

Elizabeth Richards Umphred '83 Scholarship

Nancy Behr Vanderhoef '77 Scholarship for Women with Children

Wolanin Scholarship

Anne Louise Wittman ’56 Scholarship

John W. and Josephine Piazza Wolinsky Scholarship