Admission Criteria for MSN Program

Admission - Applicants are eligible for admission to the graduate nursing program if they have an undergraduate GPA of 3.00 or greater.

Denied Admission - Applicants who have less than a 3.0 undergraduate GPA will be denied admission to the graduate nursing program.

Applicants to the MSN program must submit the following documentation in addition to that required by the university:

  1. official transcripts demonstrating graduation from an NLN- or CCNE-accredited baccalaureate nursing program;
  2. a statement of the applicant’s professional goals for graduate education;
  3. a copy of the applicant’s current professional nursing license;
  4. transcript documentation of an undergraduate physical assessment course or equivalent
  5. evidence, an undergraduate statistics course; and an undergraduate nursing research course;
  6. two letters of recommendation (one letter must be from a current employer).

In addition to the information listed above, applicants to the post-master’s certificate program must submit:

  1. official transcripts demonstrating completion of a master’s degree in nursing; and,
  2. transcript or equivalent evidence of graduate level pathophysiology, advanced pharmacology, physical examination, and advanced practice nursing role development courses.

Matriculating MSN students may transfer up to nine credits of graduate course work provided the courses were completed with a grade of "B" or better, and the credit was earned at an institution that is legally authorized to grant graduate degrees and is accredited by the NLN or CCNE. Decisions regarding transfer courses will be made by the Director of MSN Program following an individualized review of student transcripts and course syllabi. In order to be considered for transfer, courses may not be more than five years old.

Additional information

Computer literacy is an expectation for all graduate nursing courses. E-mail accounts and Internet access are provided by the university.