Child Welfare Services Minor

College of Professional Studies and Social Sciences
Minor may be taken in support of several degrees

For information contact Margaret Ann Rapp, PhD

The child welfare services certificate program is most directly associated with a major in one of the helping professions. However, the certificate can be earned independently of a bachelor’s degree.

Child welfare specialists handle the problems of abused, neglected, and abandoned children or those whose behavior has brought them to the attention of the courts. This type of work is demanding and requires highly trained and dedicated professionals for whom children and their families are of paramount importance.

A certificate in child welfare services involves completion of a total of 15 credits in child welfare and related coursework. Social work majors who are pursuing the certificate will complete the field practicum elective as part of their required coursework for the BSW degree. Note: Completion of this certificate program does not equate to certification.

Students seeking a certificate must complete an application for admission and notify the director of certificate programs by April 1 or November 1 of the semester in which all course requirements will be completed.

Sequence of Required Courses

SOC 321

The Family


CWS 363

Child Welfare Services


CWS 392

Child Abuse and Neglect


Two additional courses selected from the following:

PSY 275

Child and Adolescent Psychology


CWS 355

Sexuality in Childhood and Adolescence


CWS 356

Developing Cultural Competence in Children and Families


CWS 393

Child Welfare Laws


CWS 395A

Permanency Planning


Approved field practicum


Total required for graduation 15 credits