Ethics Minor

College of Arts and Sciences

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As part of the consortial relationship between King’s College and Misericordia University, the ethics minor is a program offered jointly by both institutions. In addition to courses in philosophy and theology, the 18-credit ethics minor contains a significant service-learning component. Sixty units (hours) of service-learning approved by the faculty advisor is required for completion of the minor.

Course Sequence

RLS 106

Theology and Human Experience (at Misericordia)

Core 260

Christian Ethics (at King’s)

PHL 200

Ethical Theory




Core 286 Introduction to Philosophical Ethics (at King’s)

Phil/Theo 470 Ethics and Values Seminar (at King’s)

Total 12 credits

Electives: 6 credits from among the courses listed below.

King’s College:

Theo 331

Christian Ethics

Theo 335

Christian Environmental Ethics

Core 282

Environmental Ethics

Core 287

Ethics, Business, and Society

Core 288


Misericordia University:

PHL 210

Philosophy of Person

PHL 223

Social Ethics

PHL 270

Social and Political Philosophy

PHL 310

Medical Ethics

PHL 440

Economics of Freedom and Justice

PHL 202

Environmental Ethics

See Philosophy Course Descriptions.