Students in good academic and disciplinary standing who have withdrawn from Misericordia University and wish to re-enroll within one calendar year of their withdrawal must notify the admissions office, the vice president of academic affairs, and the chair of the academic department to which they hope to return. Readmission to the university does not automatically imply readmission to the student's former program. If a student wishes to return to the university in a different department than the one in which the student was enrolled at the time of withdrawal, the student must make formal application to that department through the admissions office.

Students who have been academically dismissed from a specific academic program but not from the university should consult academic department policies and procedures for specific eligibility requirements for readmission. The readmission process for students who have been academically dismissed from the university must include an interview with, and favorable recommendation from, the chair of the department to which the student is applying. In the case of disciplinary dismissal or a withdrawal for personal reasons, the matter will be referred to the vice president of student affairs. In all cases, readmission to the university does not imply readmission to one's former academic program.