Academic Restart Policy

Undergraduate students who have been academically dismissed or have been withdrawn for at least two academic years from Misericordia University may apply for readmission to the university one time under the academic restart policy. Readmission to Misericordia University under this policy will be granted at the sole discretion of the vice president of academic affairs. In order to qualify, a student must not have attended Misericordia University for 24 months following the dismissal or withdrawal date, or must have completed at least 12 credits approved in advance by the Misericordia University director of student success center earning a "C" or better in each course. He/she will be academically advised by the registrar for at least the first semester of his/her return.

Students admitted under the academic restart policy will have their cumulative index reset to 0.00 at the time of their readmission. Courses taken and grades earned before the restart will remain on the student's transcript (permanent record), but they will be treated as the equivalent of transfer credits. Any required courses which were taken at Misericordia University earning a grade below a "C-" will not be awarded credit and will need to be retaken. Students admitted under this policy are not automatically readmitted to any given program.