The academic status committee meets each semester promptly after grades are run to deliberate the standing of students relative to the probation/dismissal policy. Academic probation is the automatic and minimum penalty for failing to maintain an acceptable cumulative grade point average. Students failing to maintain an acceptable grade point average are also subject to dismissal from the university.

Acceptable Cumulative Grade Point Average:

12 to 23 credits


24 to 37 credits


38 credits and above


Transfer students


Students will also be placed on academic probation for failure to maintain an acceptable cumulative grade point average in courses taken to fulfill the core curriculum requirements. Students who have attempted 30 credits or above will be placed on academic probation if their cumulative grade point average for core requirements is below 2.0.

Students on academic probation are required to carry a restricted academic load. A student on academic probation is prohibited from representing the university in any official capacity. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to, holding an elected or appointed office or seat in student government, or on the executive board of student government, serving as a resident advisor, or participating in intercollegiate athletics. Furthermore, students may have their participation in non-prohibited extracurricular activities curtailed if in the judgment of the academic status committee such activities interfere with their academic performance.

Academic probation will begin with the first class meeting of the semester (Fall, Spring or Summer) following the decision to place a student on academic probation. Students who are placed on probation will normally have one semester to raise their cumulative grade point average to 2.0. Failure to make satisfactory academic progress will result in academic dismissal. Students who have been removed from academic probation must maintain the above acceptable grade point average status throughout the remainder of their academic program. A student who is academically dismissed will not be permitted to attend classes on a non-matriculating basis.