Withdrawal from a Course

A student may withdraw from a course from the end of the fourth through the eighth week of the semester (see academic calendar for specific date) only with the signatures of both the instructor and the student's academic advisor(s). A grade of "W" will be issued for the course at that time. A student may withdraw from a course for medical reasons, supported by a written excuse from a physician, or for other serious circumstances, approved by the vice president of academic affairs in consultation with the course instructor.

The student is responsible for initiating the withdrawal process by obtaining a withdrawal form from the registrar's office, having it signed by the appropriate personnel, and returning it to the registrar's office within the eight week period described above. A grade of "F" will be assigned by the instructor and recorded for all courses in which no official withdrawal has been completed by the student.

Note: Students taking classes exclusively on weekends may contact the Center for Adult and Continuing Education for assistance in completing these requirements.