Business Administration Major Sequence

With a sequence (choose five from one area)

Management Courses

BUS 205


BUS 206


BUS 307

Management Science

BUS 350

Money and Banking

BUS 406

Current Issues and Trends in Business

BUS 420

Small Business Management

BUS 465

Special Topics in Business

BUS 472

Business Administration Internship

BUS 491

Seminar in Business Policies (required)

ACC 311

Managerial Accounting

Marketing Courses

BUS 304

Sales and Sales Management

BUS 321

Product/Service Marketing

BUS 340

Advertising and Sales Promotion

BUS 401

Channel Strategies

BUS 402

Pricing Strategies

BUS 403

Strategic Marketing (required)

BUS 421

Special Topics in Marketing

BUS 450

Marketing Research

Accounting Courses

ACC 310

Cost Accounting

ACC 340

Intermediate Accounting I

ACC 341

Intermediate Accounting II

ACC 342

Intermediate Accounting III

ACC 401

Taxes I

ACC 402

Taxes II

ACC 410


ACC 440

Advanced Financial Accounting

ACC 472

Accounting Internship (required)

ACC 480

Independent Study

ACC 485

Special Topics in Accounting

MIS Courses

MIS 101

Programming I

MIS 121

Programming II

MIS 200

Systems Analysis, Design, and Implementation

MIS 220

Applied Networking Design

MIS 221

Introduction to Computer Systems

MIS 231

Introduction to File Processing

MIS 232

Data Structures

MIS 310

Managerial Applications of Object-Oriented Programming I

MIS 312

Software Engineering

MIS 420


MIS 432

Data Base Management Systems Design

MIS 491

Information Technology Management (required)

Financial Services Courses

BUS 135

Introduction to Financial Services

BUS 304

Sales and Sales Management

BUS 350

Money and Banking

BUS 355

Principles of Risk and Insurance

BUS 434

Investments and Investment Management

Select Specialization

The select specialization is available only to transfer students with a minimum of 15 completed credit hours (grade of "C" or better) in a business-related field not offered at Misericordia University. Students with credits in a business-related field not offered at Misericordia University may apply those credits as a sequence in the business administration major.