Communications Major

College of Arts and Sciences

Degree BA, Communications

Department Chair Melissa Sgroi, MS


Dan Kimbrough, Assistant Professor, BS Manchester College, MS Central Michigan University

Melissa Becker Sgroi, Assistant Professor, BA Kings College; MS Ed, Wilkes University

The communications major prepares students for careers in such areas as advertising, public relations, journalism (print, broadcast, and electronic), video and audio production, and writing for print and electronic media. Emphasis is on developing good writing and speaking skills, acquiring professional-level experience across several media platforms, and nurturing aesthetic awareness and creativity.

Majors complete 48 credits in communications and six credits of additional English coursework. Required communications courses include human communication, media criticism, video production I, journalism I, and senior seminar – all three credit courses. Majors also take three, one-credit practicum courses (supervised work in student radio, television and newspaper) over their first two years, followed by one, three-credit campus media internship in junior year. As seniors, majors will complete a three-credit internship with a professional media organization. The practicum courses and internships provide valuable experiential learning as well as contacts with professionals in the media industry. The student selects the remaining major credit hours in the major in consultation with his/her advisor.

General Requirements

Incoming first-year students seeking admission as communications majors must meet the general and specific requirements as stated in this catalog, including a 2.5 GPA in high school. Where a student does not fully meet those requirements, they may become a communications major whenever they achieve an overall university GPA of 2.0 or better. Continuation as a communications major requires that the student maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 or "C" average, both in the major and in the overall grade point average.

Transfer students must complete all of the requirements listed in the sequence of required courses in this catalog. Approval for transfer credits in communications or approval of off-campus courses in communications rests with the program director.