History Major

College of Arts and Sciences

Degree BA, History

Department Chair David C. Wright, Jr., PhD


Allan W. Austin, Associate Professor of History, BA, MA Bowling Green State University; PhD University of Cincinnati

Brian F. Carso, Jr., Assistant Professor of History, BA, MA University of Rochester; JD State University of NY at Buffalo, School of Law; PhD Boston University

Donald O. Fries, Professor Emeritus of History, BA, MA, University of Michigan; PhD Michigan State University

Thomas Hajkowski, Assistant Professor of History, BA Seton Hall University; MA Villanova University, PhD Northwestern University

Louis Maganzin, Professor Emeritus of History, BA St. Bonaventure; MA, PhD Georgetown University

Amanda L. Van Lanen, Assistant Professor of History, BA Southern Adventist University; MA, PhD Washington State University

David C. Wright, Jr., Associate Professor of History, BA Kenyon College; MA, PhD University of Wisconsin-Madison

Following a major course of study in history provides a student with a strong liberal arts background. The study of history can broaden a student's perspective on local, national, and international issues. It fosters an understanding of the complexity of human motivation and action, providing a critical approach to looking at the past. The history program cultivates the ability to think, write, and speak clearly with thoroughness and independence.

History majors must fulfill the core curriculum requirements in addition to completing 33 credits in history. Advanced history courses require six credits of core history/political science courses as prerequisites.

General Requirements

Incoming first-year students seeking admission as history majors must meet the general and specific admissions requirements of the university as stated in this catalog. In cases where the student does not fully meet them, a personal interview is required.

Continuation as a history major requires that the student maintain a minimum of a 2.0 or "C" average in the major and a similar total grade point average. A student on academic probation for two consecutive semesters will be dismissed from the major.

Transfer students must complete all the history requirements as listed in the sequence of courses in this catalog.


Internships for history majors are assigned on the basis of availability. Pre-law internships are required as a part of the pre-law specialization. Majors who desire to pursue internships must receive prior approval of the department chair or work out the details with the pre-law advisor. Internships may only be taken if the student has a "B" average in the major and is a fully accredited junior or senior.


To receive a recommendation for graduate study or law school, the student must maintain the minimum of a "B" in the major, pre-law specialization, and total grade point average.