Marketing Major

College of Professional Studies and Social Sciences

Degree Four-year Track BS, Marketing, Five-year Track BS, Marketing and MBA

Department Chair John Sumansky, PhD

For information contact John Mellon, EdD

Marketing concentrates on exchange processes. This major goes beyond the traditional, preparing students for employment in business as well as non-business organizations. Those who are or will be involved in managing private, public, for-profit, or non-profit organizations can benefit from this program.

Opportunities in the field of marketing are expanding rapidly as organizations discover the importance that marketing techniques make for their continued success. Products are not the only things marketed. Services, ideas, places, political candidates, health care facilities, educational institutions, and many more organizations and concepts also benefit from using marketing tools.

Students obtain jobs in a variety of organizations and in a variety of positions, such as advertising, public relations, sales, product and brand management, marketing research, purchasing, retailing, wholesaling, and many others.

Students are given instruction in business writing and presentation skills.