Masterís Degree-Organizational Management (Management Specialization)

24 additional credits required to complete the M.S. degree

NOTE: Students may complete the M.S. Degree by the end of the 5th academic year through a variety of scheduling formats such as weekend, online, or the traditional evening format. Students will need to work closely with their graduate academic advisor in order to complete this degree within a 5-year time frame that will include summer classes between the 4th and 5th years. Students may take longer to complete this degree depending on their preferred format and availability of classes. An example of a course sequence, in order to complete the degree within 5 academic years includes: Summer- OM 535, 545, 586; Fall- OM 520 and 530; Spring- OM 536, 538, and an Elective. (OM 520 and 536 are choices within the required 6 cr.
Specialization courses. OM 533 may be taken in place of either 520 or 536).

Required During Undergraduate: (12 credits)

OM 500

Organizational Behavior

OM 509

Financial Management

OM 515

Research Methods

OM 551

Organizational Communication

Required during Fifth Year: (18 credits)

OM 530

Legal Aspects of Administration

OM 535


OM 538

Perspectives in Management

OM 545

Intro. to Human Resource Management

OM 586

Strategic Planning


Choose any graduate level course



* Specialization, Management: (6 credits) Choose two:

OM 520

Intro to Management Info Systems

OM 533

Managing Customer Satisfaction

OM 536

Marketing Management