PT 402 Clinical Science I, 6 credits

This course will introduce the student to the skills necessary for physical therapy examination of and intervention for problems with the musculoskeletal system, primarily involving the upper and lower extremities. A number of examination and intervention principles utilized throughout the musculoskeletal system will be examined, as well as joint-specific principles. These principles will then be applied to the anatomy and biomechanics of the specific regions of the upper and lower extremities. Pathologies will be explored in light of their regional effects on anatomy and mechanics, as well as the effect of these changes in mechanics on the function of the body as a whole. Material from PT 301 Gross Anatomy, PT 405 Analysis of Human Movement, PT 407 Applied Physiology, and PT 409 PT Clinical Skills will be utilized to facilitate integration of these skills into total patient care. (Lecture: 3 hours, Lab: 6 hours.)

Prerequisites: PT 301, PT 405, 407, PT 409; Co-requisites: PT 302, PT 410. Spring only