PT 511 Integrated Clinical Arts Seminar II, 4 credits

The second in a series of interactive lectures and seminars designed to integrate physical therapy clinical arts into clinical and foundation sciences from a bio-psycho-social perspective. Content for discussion includes the following: analysis of the impact of moderating variables such as age, gender, cultural diversity, environment and lifestyles across the lifespan; orthotics and assistive devices, normal and abnormal development, appropriate utilization and application of medical imaging, pharmacology, selected lab values and EMG/NCV electrodiagnostic testing; burns; obstetric physical therapy; critical analysis/problem solving; clinical education, administration, management and health policy, information management, values and responsibilities in the health care system and in preparation for autonomous practice, collegial collaboration and communication. Application and integration particularly geared to clients with spinal musculoskeletal dysfunction, obstetric involvement, and cardiopulmonary dysfunction. (Lecture: 3 hours, Seminar: 2 hours)

Prerequisites: PT 515; PSY 275; Corequisites: PT 503, PT 505. Fall only