PT 512 Integrated Clinical Arts Seminar III, 4 credits

The third in a series of interactive lectures and seminars designed to integrate physical therapy clinical arts into clinical and foundation sciences from a bio-psycho-social perspective. Content for discussion includes the following: analysis of the impact of moderating variables such as age, gender, cultural diversity, environment and lifestyles across the lifespan; prosthetics and management of patients with limb loss; applications of teaching and learning theory; appropriate utilization and application of medical imaging and pharmacology in the presence of neurological impairment; selection, adaptation, and utilization of mobility aids and appliances; wound care; and PT problems secondary to cancer. (Lecture: 4 hours, seminar: 2 hours, 10 weeks)

Prerequisites: PT 503, PT 505, PT 511, PT 590; Corequisite: PT 506. Spring only