Gerontology Minor

College of Professional Studies and Social Sciences

Degree may be taken in support of several degrees

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Gerontology is the study of aging, a normal process in the human lifespan. The rapid development and expansion of programs and services for elderly persons in America, and the anticipated increase in the number of persons living to old age, have escalated the demand for professionals trained to work in the field of aging.

The gerontology program prepares graduates for positions in agencies and institutions that administer health and community-based services for the aged. Career opportunities exist in nursing homes, hospitals, senior citizen centers, area agencies on aging, nutrition programs, rehabilitation centers, social welfare agencies, and other organizations. The program also enhances the knowledge and skills of individuals currently involved in the provision of such services.

The gerontology certificate program is offered to students who are not pursuing a degree at Misericordia University. These individuals may take the gerontology course of study by itself, or in conjunction with other continuing education courses.

In addition, the College of Professional Studies and Social Sciences offers a specialization in gerontology for students pursuing related courses of study . A minimum of 15 credits is necessary to complete requirements for a gerontology certificate, specialization, or minor.

Students seeking a certificate must complete an application for admission and notify the director of certificate programs by April 1 or November 1 of the semester in which all course requirements will be completed.

Sequence of Required Courses Total Credits 15

GER 241

Introduction to Social Gerontology


GER 375

Aging Policies and Programs


Select three courses from the following:

GER 277

Adult Development and Aging


GER 341

Substance Abuse and the Aged


GER 358

Counseling the Older Adult


GER 365

Alzheimers Disease


GER 370

Remotivation Therapy


GER 392



GER 410

Adult Protective Services


GER 470



GER 413

Gerontology Co-op Education


GER 480

Independent Study