Teaching English as a Second Language Certificate

For information contact the Center for Adult and Continuing Education

This twelve-credit graduate program is designed to meet the requirements set by the Pennsylvania Department of Education's (PDE) Bureau of Teacher Certification and Preparation and conforms to national TESOL standards. To enroll in the program, students must possess a current and valid Pennsylvania Instructor Level I or II certificate and all necessary clearances required by Act 34, 114, 151.

Courses and experiences in the program are offered in outcome-based and adult-focused formats. Successful completion of the program requirements qualify graduates for Pennsylvania program specialist certification. For more information on the program contact the Center for Adult and Continuing Education.

The required courses and related experiences will include::

ESL 571

Cultural Awareness


ESL 572

Linguistics: Structures of the American Language


ESL 573

Teaching in ESL Programs: Theory and Practice


ESL 574

ESL Support Systems


ESL 610

ESL Field Experience


ESL 615

ESL Culminating Experience


Total 12 credits

Prospective participants may request Misericordia University to review courses taken at other colleges against the requirements of the program and, upon the approval of Misericordia University's Registrar and certifying officer, the transferred courses will be used to determine whether and when students will be recommended to PDE. The processes of transfer review and approval are governed by Misericordia University's policies.

Prospective participants who are currently functioning as ESL teachers may request prior learning assessment (PLA) credits, a process that requires them to detail whether and how they meet the goals of the program and also its component courses and experiences, or at least those they choose to challenge. PLA reviews are conducted by the Center for Adult and Continuing Education.