Graduate Course Withdrawal and Refund Policies

A student may withdraw from a course without academic penalty within the period stated in the university calendar. Withdrawal forms may be obtained from the Center for Adult and Continuing Education or online through the e-MU portal. A grade of "W" is given for an approved withdrawal. The date on which the form is received by the Center for Adult and Continuing Education is considered the official date of withdrawal. Refund of tuition and grade assignment is based on the date on which the form is received. If a student does not officially withdraw from a class and ceases to attend it, a grade of "F" is awarded.

When a graduate student drops a course or withdraws from a course or the university, official notice must be filed with the Center for Adult and Continuing Education. Tuition refunds are based on the date the Center for Adult and Continuing Education receives official notice from a student indicating his/her desire to withdraw from a course.

Graduate students who receive federal Title IV funds and who are enrolled at the university will be governed by Title IV refund regulations as mandated by the Higher Education Amendments of 1992. In the case of withdrawal, tuition and fees will be cancelled on a pro-rated basis for the first sixty percent of the length of the period of study. Financial aid must be proportionately reduced and restored to the appropriate financial aid fund. The calculation for the Title IV refunds will be computed by the office of student financial services.

All refund percentages are computed from charges to the student, not from the amount paid. There are no refunds to students dismissed from the university. Advance registration deposits and any other fees are not refundable.