Elementary Education Major, Middle Level (Grades 4-8) Certification

Elementary Education: Middle Level Grades 4-8 Certification

Degree BS, Elementary Education

Department Chair Kingsley Banya, PhD

The Elementary Education Middle Level (ELED/ML) meets the ever-increasing standards of various professional and accrediting groups. The program leads to a teaching certificate valid in Pennsylvania and transferable to many other states. Currently, Pennsylvania is part of the NASDTEC interstate agreement for Instructional certificates with many other states/jurisdictions.

Pre-service teachers in ELED/ML must successfully complete the university's liberal arts core curriculum, a series of generic teacher education department (TED) courses and field experiences, and the courses and experiences required by one of the Middle Level concentrations: Mathematics/English-Language Arts-Reading, Mathematics/Social Studies, Mathematics/Science, Science/English-Language Arts-Reading, Science/Social Studies.

ELED/ML majors must satisfactorily complete a series of field experiences that begin during the first year and continue every semester until graduation. By graduation, our pre-service teachers will have spent approximately 700 hours in community classrooms. During students' final semester, they must complete a 15-week student teaching assignment (two separate placements).

Students who successfully complete the ELED/ML program are eligible for recommendation by the university to the Pennsylvania Department of Education for state teacher certification. The university's recommendation and the successful completion of other requirements established by the state, including meeting the pass scores specified by the state on PRAXIS I–The Preprofessional Skills Test and PRAXIS II–The National Teacher Examination, qualify graduates for an "Instructional I" certificate. Once certified in Pennsylvania, our graduates usually have no difficulty becoming certified in other states.

A masters degree in Special Education (PreK-8 and Grades 7-12) can be completed in a fifth year of study.