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 Academic Calendar 2010-2011
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   Expand ACC - Accounting Course Descriptions
   Expand ADC - Addictions Counseling Course Descriptions
   Expand BIO - Biology Course Descriptions
   Expand BUS - Business Course Descriptions
   Expand CHM - Chemistry Course Descriptions
   Expand CLS - Clinical Laboratory Science Course Descriptions
   Expand COM - Communications Course Descriptions
   Expand CPS - Computer Science Course Descriptions
   Expand CWS - Child Welfare Services Course Descriptions
   Expand DMS - Diagnostic Medical Sonography Course Descriptions
   Expand DPT - Doctor of Physical Therapy Course Descriptions
   Expand ECE - Early Childhood Education Course Descriptions
   Expand EDU - Graduate Education Course Descriptions
   Expand ENG - English Course Descriptions
   Expand ESL - Teaching English as a Second Language Course Descriptions
   Expand FA - Fine Arts Course Descriptions
   Expand GCM - Geriatric Care Manager Course Descriptions
   Expand GEO - Geography Course Descriptions
   Expand GER - Gerontology Course Descriptions
   Expand HCI - Health Care Informatics Course Descriptions
   Expand HCM - Health Care Management Course Descriptions
   Expand HIS - History Course Descriptions
   Expand HNR - Honors Course Descriptions
   Expand HP - Health Professions Course Descriptions
   Expand ITS - Information Technology Security Course Descriptions
   Expand MBA - Master of Business Administration Course Descriptions
   Expand MI - Medical Imaging Course Descriptions
   Expand MIS - Management Information Systems Course Descriptions
   Expand MTH - Mathematics Course Descriptions
   Expand NSG - Nursing Course Descriptions
   Collapse OM - Organizational Management Course Descriptions
       OM 500 Organizational Behavior, 3 credits
       OM 505 Decision Making, 3 credits
       OM 509 Financial Management, 3 credits
       OM 510 Financial Management I, 3 credits
       OM 511 Financial Management II, 3 credits
       OM 512 Management Science, 3 credits
       OM 515 Research Methods, 3 credits
       OM 516 Introduction to Qualitative Research, 3 credits
       OM 520 Introduction to Management Information Systems, 3 credits
       OM 525 Human Services Systems, 3 credits
       OM 527 Selection, Recruitment, and Training/Development, 3 credits
       OM 530 Legal Aspects of Administration, 3 credits
       OM 533 Managing Customer Satisfaction, 3 credits
       OM 535 Leadership, 3 credits
       OM 536 Marketing Management, 3 credits
       OM 538 Perspectives in Management, 3 credits
       OM 540 Grant/Contract Development and Management, 3 credits
       OM 541 Not-For-Profit Management, 3 credits
       OM 542 Fund-raising: Theory and Application, 3 credits
       OM 543 Assessment in Not-For-Profit Organizations, 3 credits
       OM 545 Introduction to Human Resource Management, 3 credits
       OM 550 Personnel and Labor Relations, 3 credits
       OM 551 Organizational Communication, 3 credits
       OM 552 Regulation of Human Resource Management, 3 credits
       OM 553 Fundamentals of Employment Benefit Planning, 3 credits
       OM 554 Current Issues in Human Resource Management, 3 credits
       OM 555 Administration of Human Resources, 3 credits
       OM 556 Policy/Procedure Development in Human Resource Management, 3 credits
       OM 557 Performance, Compensation, and Reward Systems, 3 credits
       OM 558 Employee Relations and Services, 3 credits
       OM 559 Special Topics in Human Resource Management, 3 credits
       OM 562 Consumer Advertising and Promotion, 3 credits
       OM 564 Consumer and Marketing Research, 3 credits
       OM 566 Relationship and Service Marketing, 3 credits
       OM 571 Database Management Systems, 3 credits
       OM 573 System Analysis and Design, 3 credits
       OM 575 Data and Computer Communications, 3 credits
       OM 577 Special Topics in Information Technology Management, 3 credits
       OM 585 Special Topics in Administration, 3 credits
       OM 586 Strategic Planning and Management of Change, 3 credits
       OM 587 MIS Policy and Management of Technology, 3 credits
       OM 590 Seminar, 3 credits
       OM 595 Professional Contribution, 3 credits
       OM 596 Administrative Practicum, 3 credits
       OM 599 Independent Study, Variable credits
   Expand OT - Occupational Therapy Course Descriptions
   Expand OTD - Occupational Therapy Post-Professional Course Descriptions
   Expand PHL - Philosophy Course Descriptions
   Expand PHY - Physics Course Descriptions
   Expand POL - Political Science Course Descriptions
   Expand PSY - Psychology Course Descriptions
   Expand PT - Physical Therapy Course Descriptions
   Expand RLS - Religious Studies Course Descriptions
   Expand Electives
   Expand SLP - Speech-language Pathology Course Descriptions
   Expand SMG - Sport Management Course Descriptions
   Expand SOC - Sociology Course Descriptions
   Expand SPE - Special Education Course Descriptions
   Expand SPN - Spanish Language Course Descriptions
   Expand SWK - Social Work Course Descriptions
   Expand tDPT - Transition Doctor of Physical Therapy Course Descriptions
   Expand TED - Teacher Education Course Descriptions
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