Interdisciplinary Studies Major

College of Arts and Sciences

Student-designed Major

Degree BA or BS, Interdisciplinary Studies

For information contact Mark Painter, PhD

This degree is available to students who have an interest in designing their own major program of study under the mentorship of an assigned faculty advisor. Courses can be selected across program lines and among several cooperating higher educational institutions. Independent study opportunities can be designed between students and interested faculty; guided internships can also be arranged. Each student must develop a major specialization (at least 30 credits of upper-level courses) and a minor specialization (at least 15 credits). These specializations may include courses from a variety of traditional programs and from any of the cooperating institutions. The specific designation for each specialization will be mutually determined by the student and the department chair.

Program Goals and Outcomes

The following are program goals for the Interdisciplinary Studies major, in which students will:

  1. Develop an individualized program of study tailored to individual student needs
  2. Gain insights across academic disciplines
  3. Develop major and minor academic specializations

Student learning outcomes for the Interdisciplinary Studies major are unique to each student’s individual learning plan developed with the faculty advisor.