Health Care Informatics Certificate

College of Health Sciences

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Health Care Informatics is an interdisciplinary specialty that combines expertise in health care, information systems management, and information technology to improve the quality, efficiency, and accessibility of healthcare. Misericordia offers a Certificate in Health Care Informatics to enhance the capabilities of individuals already working in this area and as a preparation for possible master's level training in the field. The program is offered on-line to fit the time constraints of those employed in the health care industry, and typically is completed in one year.

The certificate is designed for adult learners who are already working in a healthcare informatics or information technology field such as Nursing Informatics, Health Information Management, or Medical Records, and want additional skills for career advancement. The certificate consists of 15 credits, with 5 required courses plus one 3-credit elective to allow the student to tailor the program to fit their career goals. Students who are employed in a healthcare organization, but not in an informatics-related role, will be required to take the HCI 110 Introduction to Health Care Informatics course as a pre-requisite and may take this course in place of their elective option.

Applicants who have job experience in another area, such as accounting, and who want to re-train to enter the Health Care Informatics field may first need to complete pre-requisite courses to prepare themselves for this Certificate. The number and type of courses needed to qualify for admission will vary by each applicant’s education and employment history, and will be determined by the Healthcare Informatics Program Director’s review of the applicant’s work experience and previous educational accomplishments.

To be admitted into this program the applicant must also have at a minimum a basic level of information systems expertise that may be demonstrated through prior completion of an introductory MIS course, such as Misericordia’s MIS 110 or equivalent, or through an equivalent level of work experience as determined by the Healthcare Informatics Program Director through a review of the applicant’s work experience.

This Health Care Informatics Certificate consists of the following courses:

MIS 200

Systems Analysis, Design, and Implementation


MIS 432

Database Management


MIS 491

Information Technology Management


HCI 120

Current Issues and Trends in Health Care Informatics


HCI 240

Health Care Informatics Research Seminar





Total 15 credits

Students may choose an elective such as (but not limited to):

BUS 307

Management Science


MIS 312

Software Engineering


HCI 211

Health Informatics Standards


Certain elective courses may require pre-requisite courses – please refer to the course descriptions in this catalog.

For information on the Health Care Informatics Certificate contact Maki McCann, Assistant Director of Admissions, Expressway at 570-674-1226.