Contacts for More Information

For more information on particular aspects of Misericordia University, contact the people listed below at (570) 674-6400 (toll-free at 866-262-6363) between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm. Other university personnel are listed in the university directory section of this catalog. Address all mail for faculty and administration to: Misericordia University, 301 Lake Street, Dallas, PA 18612-1090.

Academic Affairs

Dr. Mari P. King, Vice President of Academic Affairs

Undergraduate Admissions

Jane Dessoye, Executive Director of Enrollment Management


Glenn Bozinski, Director of Admissions

Center for Adult and
Continuing Education

Barbara Leggat, Acting Director, Center for Adult and Continuing Education


David Martin, Athletic Director

Business Matters

John Risboskin, Vice President of Finance and Administration

Graduate Services

Barbara Leggat, Acting Director, Center for Adult and Continuing Education

University Advancement

Susan M. Helwig, Vice President of University Advancement

Registrar's Office

Joseph Redington, University Registrar

Student Success Center

Amy Lahart, Director of Student Success Center

Campus Ministry

Reverend Donald Williams, Chaplain


Christine Somers, Director of Campus Ministry

Student Life

Jean Messaros, RSM, Vice President of Student Affairs


Kathleen Foley, Dean of Students

Assistive Technology Research Institute

Denis Anson, Director of Research and Development

Diversity Institute

Dr. Scott Richardson, Director of Multicultural Initiatives

Ethics Institute

Bernadette Duross, RSM, Special Assistant to the President for Mercy Integration

Institute on Sacred Scripture

Dr. Noel Keller, RSM, Executive Director

The Cecilia Meighan, RSM Institute of Law and Religious Life

Bernadette Kenny, RSHM, Director