Counseling Center

Counseling center services are available to all undergraduate and graduate students. Services include individual and group counseling, consultation and referral services, and crisis intervention. Counselors also offer workshops on a variety of personal development topics and issues throughout the academic year. All services are free of charge and all counseling contacts are confidential. Records of counseling contacts are kept separate from a student's medical or academic records.

The focus of counseling services is on personal and life development. Some common issues addressed through services typically include problems such as stress management, test and general anxiety, depression, eating issues, substance abuse, and relationship and family problems. Students who present with issues that need a more intensive, long-term treatment approach are offered off-campus referral sources where their needs can be more adequately addressed.

The counseling staff includes a licensed psychologist, a master's level licensed professional counselor, a registered dietitian consultant, graduate interns, student peer advocates, and peer educators. The services of a substance abuse counselor are also available on campus. The counseling center is located on the ground floor of McGowan Hall. The hours are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Appointments may be made by calling 570-674-6408 or dropping by the center. Evening and weekend appointments are available as needed. A counselor is available 24 hours a day for emergencies. Students may access a counselor on call after hours by contacting the Campus Safety office at 570-674-6300 or by making the request through a resident assistant (RA). Students do not have to identify the reason for requesting the counselor on call.

Faculty, staff, and students who wish to refer a student for counseling services or consult about a student may contact the director, Dr. Cindy March, at 570-674-6366, or in the case of immediate need, may walk the student to the center to access a counselor.