Residential Facilities

Misericordia University manages eight residential facilities: McHale Hall, Alumnae Hall, Gildea Hall, McGowan Hall, Townhouse Complex, two houses on Lake Street and the new Machell Avenue Residence.

  • McHale Hall – is a traditional standard double room residence that houses first year students. It is co-ed by floor / wing and is equipped with air conditioning and elevator access. Fireside Lounge is located on the main floor and serves as a recreational area with a full kitchen facility.
  • Alumnae Hall – is a traditional co-ed standard double room residence that houses first year and upper class students. This residence is connected to McGowan Hall where students share recreational lounges, study areas and a full kitchen facility.
  • Gildea Hall – are apartment-like suites for upper class students, co-ed by unit and holding three, six or seven occupants. All suites contain a full bath and common room area. The facility is air conditioned with elevator access and offers recreational / study lounges and kitchenettes.
  • McGowan Hall – is a modern double room facility for upper class students with a private full bathroom shared with the bedroom next door. The second and fourth floor lounges are equipped with a full size kitchen and study areas. The third floor lounge contains all the same amenities minus the kitchen.
  • Townhouse Complex – consists of eighteen units for upper class students. Each is equipped with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a common living room and full kitchen. This residence is co-ed by unit and houses six students.
  • Lake Street Houses – are off campus houses for upper class students that offer the full amenities of a typical household with a kitchen and laundry facility.
  • Machell Avenue Residence – consists of six single rooms, three double rooms, three triple rooms and one quad room for a total of twenty six upper class students. The facility is air conditioned and has a full size kitchen, living room, on-site laundry, parking and five bathrooms. Just off of the main campus, this residence is a perfect residence for Health Science majors because of its close proximity to the College of Health Science building.

Here at Misericordia, the residential facilities serve two purposes in accommodating a student's university experience; to live and to learn. Living and sharing with others is a vital part of one's educational experience at Misericordia, providing the opportunities to build relationships and connections that will last a lifetime. Within the residential facilities, students are challenged to make decisions that not only affect their lives, but those around them as well.

The Office of Residence Life assists the residential students in their academic success and growth as a professional and a person. Residence Life staff members work in unison with the students to create and maintain an environment conducive to academic success and individual growth.