Off-campus Courses

Off-campus courses are defined as those not sponsored by Misericordia University or by our consortium partners, King's College and Wilkes University (see Consortium Programs). Students may complete a maximum of 12 credits in approved off-campus courses, of which no more than six credits may be in core courses. Exceptions may be made for four credit courses. Students should consult with their academic advisors.

Once matriculated at the university, transfer students may not transfer more than six additional credits in approved off-campus courses, of which no more than three credits may be in the core. A student who has completed 60 credits of academic work, whether on campus or in transfer, must take all additional transfer credits at an accredited four-year institution.

All off-campus courses must be evaluated and approved as to their equivalency to Misericordia University courses. This determination will be made in consultation between the department chair in the discipline which sponsors the course at Misericordia University and the registrar. Only grades of C or better will be accepted for transfer. Transfer credits must come from an accredited degree-granting institution or equivalent as determined by the registrar in consultation with the department chair.

Off-campus course requests must be submitted electronically to the registrar via e-MU email, and must be accompanied by the syllabus of the course the student intends to complete. If a course is not approved in advance of taking the course, it will not be accepted in transfer.