PSY 435 Controversies in Psychology, 3 credits

This course focuses on debates and conflicts over the past 30 years related to psychological concepts and theories of human behavior and experiences. The controversies discussed cross all subfields of psychology including clinical, social, developmental, biological, and cognitive. Topics may include multiple personality disorder, expert testimony, new age therapies, repressed memories, sexual orientation conversion therapies, inkblot tests, media violence, effect of spanking and divorce on children, and paranormal phenomenon. Students will learn in-depth methodologies for critical thinking and apply learned strategies to real-world problems. The course emphasizes the application of research skills to examine the multiple facets of each controversy in light of evidence gathered from current empirical sources. Students will take sides on an issue of their choice, gather evidence to support their position, and present their case in a symposium-style debate.

Prerequisite: Psy 123. Spring odd years