Professional Studies Major

College of Professional Studies and Social Sciences

Degree BS or BA, Professional Studies

For information contact James Calderone, EdD

The professional studies program was created to provide the opportunity for students who have previous or university credits in career oriented programs to earn a bachelor's degree through additional study at Misericordia University.

Professional course credits completed in prior study can be combined with additional credits and will qualify the candidate for the bachelor's degree. The degree obtained may be a bachelor of science or a bachelor of arts, each with a major in professional studies, depending on the courses completed.

Individual programs of study are designed by the student with the assistance of the program director.

At least 30 credits must be earned in upper-level courses. In addition, at least 30 credits must be earned at Misericordia University. These two requirements may be satisfied by the same 30 credits. Completion of the core curriculum is required either directly or by reasonable substitute as prescribed by the Registrar in the course of transcript selection. Continuation as a professional studies major requires a 2.0 average.

Total required for graduation 120 credits