Communications Minor

College of Arts and Sciences

For information contact Melissa Sgroi, MS

In this media culture with its continuous flow of messages across platforms and delivery systems, media skills are marketable—and often necessary for many careers. The Communications minor enables students to study graphic design, public relations, journalism (print, broadcast, and electronic), video and audio production, and still photography to supplement study in all majors, particularly Business, Marketing, and Sports Management. BUS 107 may be used to substitute for the COM 101 requirement, but COM 101 may not be chosen as a COM elective for the minor.

Required Courses:

COM 101

Human Communication


COM 306

Media Criticism


The COM minor requires an additional 12 credit hours of COM electives, which must be chosen from the following: COM 220 Journalism I, COM 232 Video I, COM 215 Web Design, COM 222 Introduction to Photography, COM 310 Graphic Design for Print and Web, COM 251 Public Relations, BUS 269 Marketing, BUS 340 Advertising

Total 18 credits.

See Communications Course Descriptions.