Health Care Informatics Minor

College of Health Sciences

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The minor in health care informatics provides a strong, generalist foundation in this rapidly developing science. This minor is designed to prepare students for entry into the health care informatics field and to enhance career advancement opportunities. The course sequence emphasizes a strong, basic background in information technology and provides students with the requisite skills needed to prepare them to work with health care informatics applications such as use of the electronic health record and telehealth. Students who complete the health care informatics minor will be prepared to analyze, design and implement technology systems within a health care organization. The sequence may also be taken as a certificate.

Course Sequence

MIS 110

Introduction to Information Systems


MIS 200

Systems Analysis, Design, and Implementation


MIS 432

Database Management


HP 110

Introduction to Health Care Informatics


HP 120

Current Issues and Trends in Health Care Informatics


HP 230

Health Care Informatics Internship


Total 15 credits