Insalaco Center for Career Development

Preparing for a successful future demands more than just obtaining a quality education. Truly successful students begin to develop career planning competency as first-year students and build upon this throughout their academic and professional lives. The Insalaco Center for Career Development provides the resources and assistance necessary to turn academic achievement into career opportunity.

Recognizing that the world of work requires life-long learning, the Insalaco Center promotes the development of short-range goals as part of long-range career plans. This approach helps ensure that students build flexibility into their career plans. The Center serves all university students and alumni with its state-of-the-art career resource library and team of professional staff. The mission of the Center is to prepare students for employment, graduate school or professional school, and to manage their careers throughout their working lives.

The Insalaco Center coordinates the Guaranteed Placement Program, which is designed to connect students' academic and co-curricular learning in order to position them for success in today's, and tomorrow's, job markets. Opportunities to expand personal horizons and enhance one's ability to function as a global citizen through study abroad are also facilitated by the Insalaco Center.

The Center provides the following services:

  • Individual career consultations
  • The Choice Program for undeclared students
  • Career assessment
  • Non-curriculum required experiential education (shadowing, internship, externship, part-time, and summer jobs)
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Graduate and professional school advising
  • Employment skill development and training
  • Recruitment services
  • Study abroad advising
  • Work-study placements on campus
  • A career resource library housing hundreds of print and technical career development resources.