Transfer of Credit

In graduate programs that allow transfer or prior learning assessment (PLA) credits, applicants may transfer up to six graduate credits, or a maximum of two courses, earned previously in other accredited graduate programs, provided the courses were completed with a grade of "B" or better and are appropriate substitutes for the courses offered in the Misericordia University program. In special cases where applicants have already earned a graduate degree, twelve credits from that degree may be applied toward a Misericordia University master's degree, provided the course credits are appropriate substitutes. Transfer credits are accepted after evaluation by the registrar in consultation with the appropriate program chair/director.

Matriculating students who have not already transferred credits may, with program approval, take up to six graduate credits off campus from an accredited graduate program. These credits may also be transferred to Misericordia University, if the grade is "B" or better, to meet program requirements. However, in no case may the number of credits transferred into a graduate program at Misericordia University after matriculation exceed six.