Certificate in Health Care Management

The Health Care Management major is also offered as a 15-credit certificate. The courses required to complete the certificate program are as follows: *

HCM 101- Introduction to Health Systems

HCM 403 - Health Care Strategic Management

HCM 469 - Health Care Marketing

HCM 371 - Health Care Reimbursement and Finance

HCM 406 - Current Issues and Trends in Health Care

  • Prerequisites as listed in course descriptions will apply to all courses shown above. Please refer to course descriptions.

    According to a study recently released by the U.S. Department of Labor, six of ten fastest growing jobs to the year 2020 are in health care. In Northeastern Pennsylvania, these jobs will grow at an even faster rate.

    The certificate program in health care management is designed for: business and health care professionals having a degree in another discipline, enabling these individuals to advance in the health care field; or those who are planning a career change to the health care field, thus requiring specific knowledge of today's health care industry. It is suitable for associates or bachelors' degree graduates in:

  • Any undergraduate major, particularly those in business, human services, nursing, dental hygiene, or other health discipline.
  • Any professional clinicians, including nurses, licensed professionals, dentists, and physicians.

The flexibility of the program allows those without a bachelor's degree to fully apply credits earned in the certificate program toward the attainment of a bachelor's degree in health care management.

*With permission of business chair.