Government, Law and National Security Major

College of Arts and Sciences

Degree BA, Government, Law and National Security

Department Chair David C. Wright, Jr, PhD

For information contact Brian Carso, Jr, JD, PhD

The program in Government, Law and National Security (GLNS) at Misericordia University is designed to prepare students to enter the expanding national security work force within both government and the private sector. Students will achieve an integrated knowledge of political science, legal studies, behavioral science, management, history, and national security studies focused on the deterrence, detection, and mitigation of domestic and international threats to the public safety. The program equips graduates with a solid academic foundation for entry level career employment and mid-level career mobility opportunities in broad areas of criminal justice, public safety and security services, government and court administration, and legal services. In addition, the GLNS degree will prepare students for graduate study in law, government administration, business, and national security studies.