NMT 100 Clinical Experience I, 2 credits

Clinical Experience I provides students with an introduction to the hospital/outpatient setting work setting. It integrates didactic learning into the practical setting. During their clinical education in level I, students are under the direct supervision of certified or registered technologists. Students orient to the clinical area, become familiar with technology, and apply theoretical principles through examination of patients under direct supervision. 16 hours per week are spent in a hospital setting gaining experience in general, cardiac, pediatric, and single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT). Students will observe and/or participate in the administration of radiopharmaceuticals. 16 hours per week.

Prerequisites:Pre-requisites: MTH 095 - College Algebra or MTH 120 –Math Reasoning; PHY 117 - Introduction to Physics; BIO 121 - Human Anatomy and Physiology; BIO 122 - Human Anatomy and Physiology; CHM 104* General Chemistry; CPR certification; annual health examination; criminal record clearance; HIPAA education; proof of health insurance; current liability insurance; and facility orientation if required.

*CHM 104 may be a co-requisite for Medical Imaging majors pursuing the 5 year combined B.S./Certificate program. Students must successfully complete this course to be retained in the program.