Textbook Information for Summer 2014

Course Name Faculty Book Title Author ISBN Price
RLS 100 Exp. Balukonis/Busada/Bisett New Testament Analytical Approach Davis   9781598150360 New $37.00
Rental $23.00
RLS 100 Exp. Balukonis/Busada/Bisett The Catholic Study Bible N/A   9780195282788 New $39.99
Rental $24.00
RLS 104W Exp. Balukonis/Ecke/Busada God is Not One Prothero   9780061571282 New $16.99
RLS 117 Exp. Curran Five Days at Memorial Fink   9781782393740 Price Pending
RLS 117 Exp. Curran Health Care Ethics: Theological Foundations, Contemporary Issues, and Controversial Cases Panicola   9781599821030 Price Pending