The Campus Facilities have been designated as "smoke-free". For reasons of community health and fire protection, smoking is not permitted inside all campus buildings including residence halls. To avoid littering, smokers should find suitable areas outside buildings where receptacles are available.

Given the serious health and safety issues involved, and the fact that the identification of non-smoking areas is University policy, each of us has the responsibility to aid in making the provision effective. While the policy may entail some inconvenience to smokers, it implies no intent to discriminate against them.

As a matter of information, smokers who may be interested in a tobacco cessation program will find them available and covered under healthcare plans offered under the University's medical plans. For further information about these and alternative programs you should consult the Department of Human Resources.

Supervisors' Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the supervisor to insure that the University regulations are disseminated and adhered to.

Violations of the smoke-free policy may result in disciplinary action as set forth in the Disciplinary Action policy.

Revised 03-10

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