The purpose of the "Human Resources Policies and Procedures Manual" is to serve as a helpful guide to all employees to the regulations and policies of Misericordia University. It is meant also to identify and clarify your roles in relation to the mission and objectives of the University. You will find it to your advantage to read all of this document so that you will have an understanding of the material covered.

Further, this document is intended to reflect many of the University's policies, practices and benefits. It is not to be construed as a legal document (contract), or as a strict interpretation of the policies/benefits which are described. The description of benefits are merely summarized for your general information. The details of each benefit plan and the administrative provisions have not been included. The complete plan documents are available for your review in the Human Resources Department. Should there be any conflicts between this document and the terms and conditions of applicable insurance policies and University policies, the official text of the plan, insurance policy or University policy will govern.

The University recognizes the fact that changing times and composition of its workforce may require modification, additions and/or deletions to the policies and benefits. Therefore, the University reserves the right to make changes in the content or application of any of its programs, at any time as deemed appropriate.

Revised 04-10-00
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