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Business Professional Association (BPA)

Misericordia's new on-campus professional organization was formed to help students become better prepared for a career as a business professional.

Initiated by MU's Business Department, the Business Professional Association (BPA) will provide experiences, information, and programs to promote business as a profession and will help serve as a bridge from the student's university experience to the business world.

“The business program at Misericordia University holds certain values that we hope to instill in our students, including ethical behavior, moral and personal conduct, leadership and innovative thinking as they pertain to a career in business,” explains John M. Sumansky, Ph.D., chair of the Misericordia Business Department. “Over the past 10 years, graduates of the business program have seen a 97 percent job placement rate. By establishing a professional association, we hope to build upon that success and continue to ensure that our students are as prepared as possible to take their place as true professionals in business.”

The association will expand upon the learning experience in the classroom and provide students with a unique opportunity to develop their professionalism. One of the first programs gives students an opportunity to network with members of the Executives in Residence Program at Misericordia, a group of experts in their respective fields who have volunteered to serve as mentors, speakers and occasionally adjunct faculty in the growing business department. BPA programs and activities will include case study and problem solving with business leaders, networking with executives, forums with national business leaders, VIP tours to the New York Stock Exchange, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the U.S. Treasury and Department of Commerce.

BPA students will also have the opportunity to participate in upcoming “Networking with Executives in Residence” sessions planned by the Business Department on campus. 

The BPA is open primarily to upper class business majors, including juniors, seniors and graduate students in good academic standing in both the traditional degree program and the ExpresswayAccelerated Degree Program for adult students. Periodically, programs will be opened to freshmen and sophomore students.

BPA members interacting with business executives during a networking event