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Pi Theta Epsilon

2013 Inductees - Weekday and Weekend Programs
Pi Theta Epsilon Induction Ceremony

Pi Theta Epsilon, meaning advancement in occupational therapy, is Misericordia University's occupational therapy honor society. This honor society is a national organization which recognizes the academic accomplishments of hardworking occupational therapy students. It also promotes research and scholarship among students as a means to advance the field of occupational therapy. Members of MU's Pi Theta Epsilon engage in a number of scholarly, as well as, service-oriented activities. For example, during the 2010-2011 academic school year, the members raised money for two homeless shelters (one in Wilkes-Barre and one in Philadelphia), and sponsored/hosted a sundae party for local nursing home residents. Additionally, occupational therapy was promoted in the local community during a Friendly's fundraiser, in which the students displayed adaptive equipment and spread awareness of the profession, via hand-outs and word of mouth. Following the national occupational therapy conference, the club also hosted a meeting for MU's occupational therapy students to share what they learned with each other and discuss new trends in the field. In the coming years, MU's chapter of Pi Theta Epsilon intends to expand its focus on scholarship and research, in line with the mission of the national organization.