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OT Programs

Mission & Curriculum Design - Entry-Level Programs
Learn about the mission and curriculum design of the Occupational Therapy Entry-Level Programs at Misericordia University.
Weekday OT Entry-Level BS/MS Programs
The University offers a five year Master's of Science degree in Occupational Therapy. Students accepted into the Program participate in an educational process that prepares them to become entry level occupational therapy practitioners while instilling an understanding for, and a desire to achieve, the skills of scientific inquiry and critical reasoning.
Weekend Entry-Level Master's Program
The Weekend Program is designed to meet the needs of the adult learner. The Program meets every other weekend during the semester.
Doctorate in Occupational Therapy (OTD)
The OTD program is focused on academic growth in clinical practice areas of occupational therapy, and promotes intellectual discourse through both program content and format.
Post-Professional Pediatric Certificate
This program is offered by the occupational therapy department. Students and therapists from other disciplines, especially physical therapy, speech and language pathology and nursing may find these courses relevant and are encouraged to apply. The program is for occupational therapists at a post baccalaureate level that would like to advance their clinical knowledge in pediatric practice.
Post-Professional Master's Degree Program
The Post-Professional Masters in Occupational Therapy is designed as a 30 credit graduate program with two tracks, an interdisciplinary and pediatric concentration.