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Health Care Management


Health care is one of the largest and fastest growing employment categories in Northeastern Pennsylvania. With a population among the oldest in the country and the advancement in technology, job creation to fill the need for healthcare programs and services in Northeastern Pennsylvania will increase at a rapid pace in the foreseeable future.

The Health Care Management curriculum is designed to respond to the specific needs of health care organizations in today’s dynamic environment. Management skills, leadership development, strategic planning, marketing, health care finance and law are examined, including a comprehensive understanding of financing, insurance and payment mechanisms.

Who is this program designed for?

Traditional age students can enroll in a full-time on campus model. The Health Care Management Program has also been designed for the early or mid-career health care professional or those who have made a decision to pursue a career in this field either as a care giver or manager. In most fields of study, an associate’s degree or equivalent from an accredited institution should qualify you for this program. A variety of specializations are available to provide a flexible course of study with coursework tied into your particular area of health care, with on the job relevance.

Health Care Management is ideal for students interested in pursuing a career in physical therapy, and other professional services. Health Care Management is designed for but not limited to younger students interested in health care delivery as a professional or manager, health care practitioners who are employed, or have been trained in an allied health profession. Individuals employed as: surgical technologists, dental hygienists, emergency medical technicians, radiology technicians, respiratory technologists , or in any business related profession are examples of individuals who would be good candidates for this program. In addition, those who desire a career in health care sales or marketing can take advantage of the HCM Marketing Specialization. Health Care Informatics is also available as an online certificate program or as a specialization within the Health Care Management degree.

Program Delivery - students in four year BS program

Many students interested in the DPT (doctoral physical therapy) program, major in Health Care Management as their undergraduate degree.


Program Delivery - employed individuals (adult learners)

Offered through our EXPRESSWAY Accelerated Degree Program, you can earn your BS in Health Care Management in 2 1/2 years or less by attending classes part-time. EXPRESSWAY’s convenient and predictable schedule allows you take classes either once a week or through our EXPRESSWAY Weekend program, allowing you to take classes every third weekend, earning up to 12 credits per semester. The Health Care Management program is offered at Luzerne County Community College on the Nanticoke Campus.

Why Misericordia University and EXPRESSWAY?

Adult students at Misericordia University participated in a national, higher education service survey conducted by the Noel-Levitz Company. In categories such as instructional effectiveness, academic advising, registration effectiveness, service excellence and many other areas, Misericordia University's EXPRESSWAY Program and all other part-time, adult education programs scored significantly higher than the national average reported by adults at other institutions. With more choices in programs, format, and location, Misericordia University is truly the region’s leader in adult education!


The faculty is composed of senior management professionals employed locally in individual areas of expertise such as health care operations and management, finance and reimbursement, strategic planning, and sales/marketing.