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Information Technology Major

Alden Room

You have a goal. You want to build your career in Information Technology. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Misericordia University’s highly qualified faculty will welcome you on an academic and a personal level. Our Business Department and IT faculty build close relationships between students and professors that allow you to fully explore your area of specialization while you gain the basic knowledge and skills you need to succeed.

You’ll study all the technical aspects of Information Technology you need to become a professional in the field, and gain important business writing and presentation skills, as well. Use of computers and standard software are integrated into instruction and assignments.

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Our flexible program allows you to tie your IT education to other areas of interest that will determine the direction of your career. In addition to courses in programming, systems, and applications, you can choose to specialize in information systems, for the technical side, in new media, for Web-based eBusiness development, or our newest specialization, IT security.

But your choices don’t end there. You can tie your major in with business courses or with areas as diverse as philosophy or psychology, if that is where your interest lies. You’ll be well-prepared for graduate school, if that’s what you decide to do. With our liberal arts curriculum, you’ll have the knowledge and thinking skills it takes to succeed. You’ll also serve internships directly related to your major that will give you experience and connections in the business world.

If you’re ready for a challenge, you can apply for Misericordia University’s Honors Program, open to students in all majors. If the demands of college-personal as well as academic-sound a bit scary, our Student Success Center offers a variety of support services for all students or the opportunity to help others through peer support and tutoring programs, as well as working with professional counselors.


When you choose Information Technology as your major, you may have a specific career in mind. But you might be surprised at the diverse choices that exist in the field. Anywhere computers are used, there are opportunities for people with the knowledge and skills you'll possess when you graduate from Misericordia University. Businesses of all sizes, government offices, educational and health care institutions, and myriad other employers all need computer support. Your bachelor's degree will prepare you for a variety of other possibilities, too, including career changes and growth to leadership and management positions. Career opportunities include systems analysis, systems design, project management, program management, network management, and technology management, among many others.

Click on the links to find out more about our specializations. For more information on the program, contact Timothy Kearney, department chair, at 570-674-1487 or