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FAQs on University Status Conversion

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Converting Materials

Where will I get my stationary with the new Misericordia University brand?

The Print Shop will begin processing stationary and business cards in early June. If you have not already contacted them, the print shop will be contacting you in early June regarding your inventory of stationary. All stationary will be available for pick up on date to be determined in August. You will also be encouraged to turn in any excess “college” stationary for recycling at that time. Use of College Misericordia material for official tasks after August 24 is not appropriate.

Will my department be responsible for the costs of new materials?

A replacment supply of stationary with the new university brand will be supplied for all and the cost will be invisible to the departments. Other items that need to be changed as a direct result of universtiy status will also be funded. That said, new requests for items not historically used by the department may need to be reviewed and assigned to another budget. Also, items that are ordered annually by a department should still be funded by the department's operating budget.

What if I order materials myself for certain uses?

Because of the volume of expected requests, you can still use your vendors and work on your own; however, the new material MUST meet the graphic standards set by the institution. Only the Print Shop or the Marketing department and its creative services staff have the new logo. We will issue it when needed and keep a record of who is using it. All materials featuring the new logo must have their design approved by the Marketing department of Print Shop. We will also work closely with Purchasing to identify any orders that they process related to logo and graphic use.

Where can I get the new logo?

Only the Marketing Department and Print Shop have the new logo.

How did we determine the new logo?

Logo development was a 12-month process involving internal designers and external design consultants. At least three different concepts were developed during that time and presented the executive team. The final selection features a graphic representation of our entrance arch. The arch is a relatively distinctive Misericordia icon that is a tie to our past and a gateway to our future.

What are our colors?

Misericordia University will still feature blue and gold as our colors although we have changed the blue from the one currently in use to one that is more traditionally associated with the institution. Our blue is Pantone 293, more of a cobalt or royal blue than the current 295 (navy). We will continue to use a metallic gold for special circumstances and accent our blue with a Pantone 117 yellow.

Does everything we do need to feature the new logo?

Not necessarily. We recognize that there may still be fun and off-the-wall application for our new name where the official logo is not appropriate. That said, the new logo should not be used and then modified in any way. If possible, please use the new logo and help us get it established as the official mark for Misericordia University.

Can I still use the seal or shield on materials?

The official university seal and the shield that is within it will now be reserved for ceremonial and official use only. It will no longer be used as a graphic element on banners, t-shirts, etc.

I want to use the athletics mark for something. Can I?

The mark for Misericordia athletics has been modified to account for our change to university. It can be used by other areas on campus with permission and approval of the sports information director. Here again, that logo cannot be altered or modified in any way.

How do I refer to Misericordia in writing?

The required first reference in any writing will be Misericordia University and it is recommended that it be used often. Misericordia alone is an acceptable second reference. The abbreviation MU will also be used because our name is very long; however since there are so many “MUs” in higher education, please avoid using the MU abbreviation as a stand alone.

What about campus signage?

Campus signage is being managed by the Campus Image Task Force. If you have a special need, please contact a representative or the Marketing Department. Certain icons, such as the sidewalk metal seal in front of the Anderson Center, will not be changed and are considered historic or symbolic.