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Freshman Admission

Freshman Admission into the DPT Program

The minimum criteria for admission as a pre-DPT student for freshman year are:

  1. Class rank in the top one-third of the graduating class.
  2. Minimum combined SAT score of 1050 for Critical Reading and Math (or the equivalent ACT score), with minimum SAT scores of 500 in the Critical Reading and Math sections.
  3. Completion of three years of mathematics, one year of biology, and one year of chemistry in high school.

Additionally, high school preparation in physics is highly recommended. Exposure to and exploration of physical therapy as demonstrated by paid or volunteer experience is strongly encouraged.

The student also will be required to choose the pre-DPT major in which he or she wishes to major. Click here for a list of undergraduate programs.


Pre-DPT Plans of Study
(updated October 2013)
Click on links below
to preview the various plans of study (pdf)
Biochemistry Biology
Communications English
Health Care Management Business Administration - Health Care Management Specialization
History Philosophy
Business Administration - Sport Management Specialization Psychology

Essential Functions for the Physical Therapy Student

These essential functions are the activities that a student physical therapist must be able to perform, with or without accommodations, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for successful completion of the professional curriculum. They are applicable in the classroom, laboratories, simulated clinical settings, and while on clinical education assignments. The University uses independent clinical education sites that may or may not be willing or able to offer the same reasonable accommodations that are made available by the University. (updated 10/2012)

Link to Essential Functions: Essential Functions

Background Check & Drug Screening Notice

A positive criminal record check, positive child abuse history and/or a positive drug screening may result in any of the following:

  • inability to find or delay in finding a clinical placement
  • dismissal from a clinical placement
  • inability to obtain professional licensure
  • legal ramifications
  • inability to matriculate or continue in physical therapy program
  • inability to meet requirements for graduation from the program

As a result, a student with a positive criminal record check, positive child abuse history, and/or a positive drug screen may not be able to complete the requirements of the physical therapy program, may not be eligible for licensure required for practice, and may be dismissed from the program.

Policies related to grading policies and transfer of credit to the University, as well as the academic calendar can be found in the “Academics” section of the University catalog. Click here - Policies