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B.S. Management

To succeed in a professional business atmosphere, individuals must have a well-rounded background in all aspects of business as well as a firm grounding in the liberal arts. Misericordia University's Business Administration program provides the proper balance of both theory and practice. Its goals are to provide students with an understanding of the nature of society and to assist them in developing a social philosophy, which is necessary for responsible citizenship; to familiarize students with the American economic system and the major functional areas of business; and to afford students the opportunity to develop and to increase their capacity for anaBUS 208 Principles of Managementlysis, evaluation and strategic implementation of concepts.

Courses Required for the Management Specialization

Course # Title Course # Title
ACC 101 Principles of Accounting BUS 352 Business Law
ACC 311 Managerial Accounting BUS 360 Mgmt. of Human Resources
BUS 205 Macroeconomics BUS 371 Business Financial Mgmt.
BUS 206 Microeconomics BUS 406 Current Issues and Trends
BUS 208 Principles of Management BUS 415 International Business
BUS 269 Principles of Marketing BUS 420 Small Business Management
BUS 300 Quantitative Methods I BUS 491 Seminar in Business Policies
BUS 306 Organizational Behavior BUS  XXX Upper Level Business Elective (300 and above)
BUS 307 Management Science BUS XXX Upper Level Business Elective (300 and above)
BUS 350 Money and Banking MIS 110 Intro to Information Systems


A review of the student’s transcript will determine which courses completed at other institutions are equivalent to the course requirements. In addition to completing the business major courses, students will be required to complete additional liberal arts electives as part of the core curriculum.

Total Credits for Degree Completion 120


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