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B.S. Marketing


Marketing, one of the available business specializations, concentrates on exchange processes.  Misericordia University's marketing specialization goes beyond the traditional. It prepares students for employment in business, as well as non-business organizations. Those who are, or will be, involved in managing private or public, profit or non-profit organizations can benefit from this program.

Opportunities in the field of marketing are expanding rapidly as organizations discover the importance of marketing techniques to their continued success. Today and in the future, not only will products be marketed, but services, ideas, places, political candidates, health care facilities, educational institutions, and many more organizations will also benefit by using marketing tools.

Students obtain jobs in a variety of organizations, in advertising, public relations, sales, product and brand management, marketing research, purchasing, retailing, wholesaling, and many other marketing related positions.

Courses Required for the Marketing Major

Course # Title Course # Title
ACC 101 Principles of Accounting BUS 352 Business Law
BUS 205 Macroeconomics  BUS 360 Mgmt  Human Resources
BUS 206 Microeconomics BUS 371 Business Financial Management
BUS 208 Principles of Management BUS 401 Channel Strategies
BUS 269 Principles of Marketing BUS 402 Pricing Strategies
BUS 300 Quantitative Methods I BUS 403 Strategic Marketing
BUS 304 Sales & Sales Mgmt. BUS 415 International Business
BUS 306 Organizational Behavior BUS 450 Marketing Research
BUS 321 Product/ Service Marketing BUS XXX Upper Level Bus Elective
(300 or above)
BUS 340 Advertising & Sales Promotion BUS XXX Upper Level Bus Elective
(300 or above)
MIS 110 Intro to Information Systems  

A review of the student’s transcript will determine which courses completed at other institutions are equivalent to the course requirements. In addition to completing the business major courses, students will be required to complete additional liberal arts electives as part of the core curriculum.

Total Credits for Degree Completion 120



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