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MBA Program Requirements

Fred Coop teaching a business class
Fred Croop

Prerequisites to MBA enrollment

  • Economics,3 credits
  • Psychology,3 credits
  • Philosophy*,6 credits
  • Sociology, 3 credits
  • Statistics or Management Science,3 credits
  • Speech or Effective Communications for Leaders, 3 credits

*including at least three credits of ethics Business Functional Areas:

  • Accounting, 3 credits
  • Finance, 3 credits
  • Information Systems, 3 credits
  • Human Resources, 3 credits
  • Marketing, 3 credits
  • Management Principles and Theory, 3 credits

*If pursuing the accounting specialization 15 additional credits of accounting credits are needed. Technology Competence

All MBA candidates must pass a Business-specific Technology Competence examination.


The MBA program consists of 36 credits of study that can be completed on an evening part-time basis or day full-time basis in a 5 year undergraduate/MBA course sequence. Students must complete a core curriculum of 24 credits and a specialization area of 12 credits.

Core Courses* (24 credits)

  • MBA 500, Organizational Behavior and Development
  • MBA 501, Law and the Business Environment
  • MBA 503, Marketing Management
  • MBA 504, Information Analysis and Interpretation
  • BA 506, Human Resources Management for Leaders
  • MBA 507, Accounting and Finance for Business Leaders**
  • MBA 508, Information Systems for Management
  • MBA 509, Managerial Economics

* A student having the educational or experiential background that would result in the student not benefiting from an MBA common core course may request a substitution of another MBA elective for the respective course. The request has to be made in writing to the program director and documentation for experiential background is required.

** Students specializing in Accounting will take the Integrative MBA Capstone Experience - MBA 650 in place of Accounting and Finance for Business Leaders - MBA 507.

The MBA offers an opportunity for students to specialize in the following areas: Management, Accounting, Human Resources Management, and Sport Management.

Management Specialization (9 credits)

  • MBA 610, Organizational Leadership
  • MBA 650, Integrative MBA Capstone Experience
  • MBA 612, Strategic Management

Accounting Specialization* (9 credits)

  • MBA 620, Accounting Theory
  • MBA 622, Advanced Auditing
  • MBA 624, Advanced Taxation: Corporations, Partnerships, Estates and Trusts

(Note: Students specializing in Accounting will take the Integrative MBA Capstone Experience - MBA 650 in place of Accounting and Finance for Business Leaders - MBA 507.) * The MBA coupled with a BS in Accounting satisfies the 150-hour required to become a CPA mandated by many states.

Human Resource Management (9 credits)

  • MBA 552, Regulations of Human Resource Management
  • MBA 557, Performance, Compensation, and Reward Systems
  • MBA 558, Employee Relations and Services

(Note: Students specializing in Human Resource Management will take the Integrative MBA Capstone Experience - MBA 650 in place of an elective.) Electives (3 credits)

PHL 500, Experimental Phenomenology Note: Other electives are under consideration.

Sport Management Specialization Courses (12 Credits)

  • MBA 5XX, Public Relations, Communication, and the Media in Sport
  • MBA 6XX, Advanced Sport Marketing: Applied Research and Planning
  • MBA 6XX, The Business of Sports
  • MBA 650, Integrative MBA Capstone Experience

Experiential Learning

An experiential learning placement is required either at the undergraduate or the graduate level to earn the MBA.


Who can help me if I have questions?

For information on the MBA program, please contact: Ms. Larree Brown, Assistant Director, Center for Adult and Continuing Education, at 570-674-6451, toll free at 1-866-262-6363 or by e-mail at


Dr. Corina N. Slaff, Director of Business Graduate Programs, at 570-674-8022 or by e-mail at